Adrift In The Infinite

Adrift In The Infinite is a cinematic orchestral narrative that is heightened by digital instruments, with enthralling climaxes delving into introspective textures, fundamental rhythms assimilating into delicate harmonics to create an emotional reflection of humankind’s isolation.


Pale Blue Dot

Created in collaboration by BAFTA Scotland award winning cinematographer Alan McLaughlin and American composer Ryan Somerville, Pale Blue Dot is the visualization of Carl Sagan’s reflection on the Pale Blue Dot photograph taken by Voyager 1. This film utilizing footage from NASA crafts a poignant contemplation on mankind’s isolation and despair as seen from an out-of-body, almost psychedelic, perspective as described by astronauts when viewing Earth from space.

All visuals provided by the courtesy of NASA

Dying Of The Light

Adrift In The Infinite