Demon In The Mirror by Andy Yen

I collaborated with National Opera Theatre Taichung, Taiwan, Artist-in-residence Andy Yen to compose the music for his theatrical performance Demon In The Mirror. DITM premiered on November 24 and 25, 2018 .

Words from Andy Yen:

A demon is an unnatural cognition, a gorgeous temptation, and a collection of mankind’s hidden desires.

When people look in the mirror, and the mirror becomes the carrier of self-infatuation, will they in turn become which they’re most afraid of? A demon?

In every age, there are people who claim to have seen a demon. It is a deep fear within people who have become a demon who has heard that it exists somewhere. The scariest thing is not necessarily that the demon will never die, but that it may exist. But this cannot be confirmed. When we say that there are no demons in this world, it is really free.

A flight attendant who is broken in love and a few bizarre flight journeys seem to walk into the infinite mirror image of human nature. She knew that the hallucinations were unfounded, but looking at the mirror, the mirror was also looking at her… “Where is it not good enough?” She couldn’t stop her desire, as if she saw herself appearing in the mirror world.