Everything Glimmers

I had the great honour to compose music for Beatriz Calil’s visual experience, “Because there is desire within me, everything glimmers”. Calil describes this piece as:

In the video, I explore women’s sexuality. In our current climate, female sexuality is treated as a taboo and women cannot express their sexuality in a true and natural way. We are judged and persecuted for it. Society imposes on us that our sexuality must remain hidden, repressed, which must be a source of shame and embarrassment. Women are censured, oppressed, humiliated and our bodies are assumed as a source of male pleasure. Therefore, for me as an artist, pornographic art is a valuable form of resistance. Female sexuality must be explored and shown, the more it is hidden or artificially revealed – as the pornographic industry does – the more it becomes a source of violence. Use of the body and sexuality of women to build an artistic thought is a way of resisting and challenging the hegemonic structures of power.

Sex and a woman’s pleasure is political and can be a powerful weapon to de-structure government, morality, and sexism. The woman must begin to be seen as independent, who also has her own desires. The woman’s body is hers and only hers. The woman fucks, the woman wants, the woman cum. And not to satisfy male pleasure. Not because she’s a slut. But because she’s a woman. The woman shouldn’t have to hide or be ashamed of her body and sex to be respected. So it is in this sense that I seek to show the sexuality of women. The intention is to reveal, to expose oneself, to show the world something that is nothing but natural.