Long Live

Some of the following music is mixed in Atmos; headphone or earbud use is required to enjoy the full experience of Atmos technology.

If headphones are unavailable, please find the music in stereo beginning at track 7.

BE CAREFUL OF THE VOLUME! Please use the first track as a test to find a comfortable listening level. The music is incredibly quiet with moments of loud intensity. Enjoy!

The work in BMF is profoundly inspiring; the writing, cinematography, and directing are all stellar and incredibly well done. In episode 3, the scene with Meech and T burying the man murdered by Pat is equally visceral and horrifying. This scene captures what I aim to create in my music, balancing the profound and the horrific.

I sample NBA YoungBoy’s Long Live to capture the conflicts and energy faced by Meech and T and the sonic aesthetic of the throwback. This is also one of my favorite YoungBoy tracks.