Nowness China: Alexander McQueen “Orchid Night”

Directed by Bo Hanxiong
Nowness China

I had the incredible privilege of composing the musical score for Bo’s Orchid Night, a captivating masterpiece brought to life for Nowness China’s Alexander McQueen Chinese Valentine’s Day campaign. The entire experience was a genuine honor. I was swept away by the breathtaking visuals and the gripping narrative and profoundly inspired by Bo’s visionary drive to compose a composition of enchantment on a midsummer’s canvas. Working closely alongside Bo was an absolute delight; his collaborative spirit and relentless pursuit of innovation resonated perfectly with the kind of creative journey I’m most passionate about. I’m genuinely thankful for the opportunity to contribute to such a magical project. Orchid Night – a symphony of emotions and a captivating showcase of the magic that blooms when art, vision, and dedication intertwine.