Organs Without Body

Whoa, This Projection Mapped Video is an Acid Trip (Creators Vice News)

“One of my first points of reference was a show by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, where they used Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloé followed by Andy Stott for the soundtrack,” says Somerville of the project’s beginning stages. “I was blown away by that show and initially really pushed Andy in that direction: classical music with contemporary electronic music, but performed like a soundtrack—really more like a DJ-set—in a chic fashion show which felt, and looked, more like a theatrical performance.”

Whoa, This Projection Mapped Video is an Acid Trip

Organs Without Body fuses music, visual art, fashion, and dance to create a new performance experience that seamlessly combines divergent art forms. This film, strictly contemporary in affect yet utilizing traditional technology, features music that is at times danceable, at others experimental and which transports the audience into a hallucinatory realm of the abstract visual. The hypnotic melodic themes and pulsating bass rhythms created by Somerville are accentuated by the bright visual colors created by Yen; the dancer insinuates the uplifting, ethereal feeling of the visuals. Organs Without Body aims to release the unconscious and create a bonding of the outer and inner self.

Organs Without Body is the combination of maximal sound and immersive visuals. Organs Without Body has been created in collaboration with Taiwanese visual artist Andy Yen and our concept is to create a music performance-fashion show. Yen has designed clothing that aims to bring the concept and music of Organs Without Body to physical form; creating shapes and forms based on the patterns found in the music, he then translates these links to the physical connection of the outer and inner self. These creative threads inherently connect the visual, musical, and ethos of Organs Without Body.