Paranoia Is Appropriate


Paranoia Is Appropriate is a mad dream of epic orchestral textures fused into experimental electronic music, with bridging romantic climaxes delving into fragile textures, trap beats assimilating into idiosyncratic IDM-styled textures. Paranoia Is Appropriate is the surrealist vision of American composer Ryan Somerville and Canadian sound designer Ben McCarthy; composed over the course of 5 years and spanning collaborations with artists and musicians located in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Mexico, the UK, and the US, it’s international team reflects the global vision of Paranoia Is Appropriate.


Paranoia Is Appropriate fuses music, film narrative, and GTA V visuals to create a new digital experience. This film, utilizing in-game footage from GTA V to craft an intricate narrative that borders on the absurd, visualizes a hyper-connected and socially fractured society and features music that is cinematically epic and experimental and which transports the audience into a surreal digital world. The labyrinthian rhythms and horrifying sound design created by Somerville and McCarthy accentuate the dystopian futurism and surrealist characters created by Yeung Hao; the absurd array of characters insinuates our societal indifference to preposterous and cataclysmic events. Paranoia Is Appropriate is a visceral trip into the implications of our hyper-connected digitalized society.

Paranoia Is Appropriate has been created in collaboration with Chinese visual artist Yeung Hao and is the first visual realization of Ryan Somerville and Ben McCarthy’s upcoming album Paranoia Is Appropriate.

Art work by Mel Hsieh