YSL Libre Intense

Directed by BrockNewman

Brock’s incredible vision for YSL’s Libre Intense profoundly inspired me. Brock assembled an extraordinary team with the brilliant cinematographer @tuckeranderson and @steadipanda @alexcinematics whose gorgeous visuals captured the energy, fantastic editing @callmeslackjaw who meticulously crafted an exciting experience, incredible emotion and energy from actors @annapvrna @colwynport, the tremendous production support from @underdogstudioltd @keyonslowly @miloshmariya, stunning styling by @jasonpillay, absolutely brilliant production design @productiondesignhotline, breathtaking lighting @mrtylergraham, outstanding coloring @homemhues, and seamless EFX @zeekhan__ Brock’s determination, perseverance, and passion for innovation inspired me to create a new sound that enhanced the captivating visual experience he meticulously designed. 

I’m thrilled to present my score for Libre Intense, a symphony to this extraordinary collaboration.