This is my re-composition of the music found in the trailer for the upcoming film, Tenet. I’ve been deeply inspired by director Christopher Nolan and wanted to challenge myself to compose music that reflected my inspiration from his compelling films.
Created in collaboration by BAFTA Scotland award winning cinematographer Alan McLaughlin and American composer Ryan Somerville, Pale Blue Dot is the visualization of Carl Sagan’s reflection on the Pale Blue Dot photograph taken by Voyager 1. This film utilizing footage from NASA crafts a poignant contemplation on mankind’s isolation and despair as seen from an out-of-body, almost psychedelic, perspective as described by astronauts when viewing Earth from space. This is the first visualization from Somerville’s upcoming album Adrift In The Infinite.
Adrift In The Infinite is a cinematic orchestral narrative heightened by digital instruments, with enthralling climaxes delving into introspective textures, fundamental rhythms assimilating into delicate harmonics creating an emotional reflection of humankind’s isolation. Adrift In The Infinite is the ambitious vision of American composer Ryan Somerville.
She Runs (2019), Composer: Music for a new short film by Palme d’Or award winning director Qiu Yang.  She Runs was awarded the Leitz Cine Discovery Prize in Semaine de la Critique Cannes 2019 and is now being shown at TIFF, New York Film Festival, and BFI London Film Festival.
I had a dream that I was sitting in a turn-of-century Parisian salon with Satie at the piano. The psychedelic experience slowly creeps in as he begins to play the piano and the sounds come to life. The music notes float off of the page and dance in the air, seductively intertwined with smoke from the opium pipe.
Iskwé Sweet Tuesday co-writer (2019)
Paranoia Is Appropriate fuses music, film narrative, and GTA V visuals to create a surreal digital experience.  This film, utilizing in-game footage from GTA V to craft an intricate narrative that borders on the absurd, visualizes a hyper-connected and socially fractured society and features music that is cinematically epic and experimental and which transports the audience into a surreal digital world.

Paranoia Is Appropriate has been created in collaboration with Chinese visual artist Yeung Hao, American composer Ryan Somerville, and Canadian sound designer Ben McCarthy, and is the first visualization of Somerville and McCarthy’s upcoming album Paranoia Is Appropriate.
Paranoia Is Appropriate is a mad dream of epic orchestral textures fused into experimental electronic music, with bridging romantic climaxes delving into fragile textures, trap beats assimilating into idiosyncratic IDM-styled textures.  Paranoia Is Appropriate is the surrealist vision of American composer Ryan Somerville and Canadian sound artist Ben McCarthy.  Composed over the course of 5 years and spanning collaborations with artists and musicians located in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Mexico, the UK, and the US, it’s international team reflects the global vision of Paranoia Is Appropriate.
Organs Without Body fuses music, visual art, fashion, and dance to create a new performance experience that seamlessly combines divergent art forms. This film, strictly contemporary in affect yet utilizing traditional technology, features music that is at times danceable, at others experimental and which transports the audience into a hallucinatory realm of the abstract visual. The hypnotic melodic themes and pulsating bass rhythms created by Somerville are accentuated by the bright visual colors created by Yen; the dancer insinuates the uplifting, ethereal feeling of the visuals. Organs Without Body aims to release the unconscious and create a bonding of the outer and inner self.

Central to the Organs Without Body aesthetic is the combination of maximal sound and immersive visuals. Organs Without Body has been created in collaboration with Taiwanese visual artist Andy Yen and our concept is to create a music performance-fashion show. Yen has designed clothing that aims to bring the concept and music of Organs Without Body to physical form; creating shapes and forms based on the patterns found in the music, he then translates these links to the physical connection of the outer and inner self. These creative threads inherently connect the visual, musical, and ethos of Organs Without Body.
Iskwé Healers co-writer and co-producer